September is National Chicken Month!

Sep 09, 2021

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Ottawa – Canadians from coast to coast have another reason to celebrate their favourite protein. It’s National Chicken Month! It’s the time to cook and eat all sorts of chicken dishes in salute of all the hard-working Canadian farm families that raise the chicken we love.

“At this time of the year, we love to honour the great chicken that we have been providing to Canadians for decades,” said Benoît Fontaine, Chair of Chicken Farmers of Canada. “Canadians love chicken, and continue to demonstrate their interest in food, how it’s being grown or raised, and that what they’re serving to their family and friends is of the highest quality.”

Finding great chicken is easier then ever with the Raised by a Canadian Farmer logo. See this logo where you buy your chicken and have confidence in where your food is coming from, and how it’s raised.

This year, the challenge is extended to all Canadians, be it at home with your families or chefs in their commercial kitchens to show off the diversity and versatility of chicken by cooking chicken as a dish reminiscent of their own cultural background, talk about who they are, where they’re from, how their chicken dish holds a special place in their heart, and how chicken is an important part of their cultural heritage.

Chicken Farmers of Canada is also partnering with the Canadian Culinary Federation to highlight how great Canadian chicken is and inviting chefs from all across the country to take “The Chicken Challenge”!

Source : CFC

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