Seeds, Sports, and Sip

Sep 05, 2023

Grass under cleats and the froth on your beer have a hidden story – seeds! 

Despite being shadowed, seed innovations play a colossal role in our daily pleasures. Delving into records like the USDA PVP and USPTO patents, one discovers where major seed investments lie. 

Ryegrass, for instance, is a darling in the seed world. It's adaptable, serving as a prime choice for both forage and grazing. Contrarily, bluegrass, popular in golf courses and gardens, can sometimes annoy homeowners when it becomes invasive. 

But it's bermudagrass that has truly diverse applications. Some of its types, like the triploid hybrids, are ideal for sports fields and recreational areas. In places like North Carolina, certification becomes a hallmark of quality, with nearly half of the bermudagrass sod being certified. 

Why does certification matter? Well, it guarantees a product free from most weeds and diseases. A simple glance at neighborhoods reveals the superiority of lawns grown from certified seeds/sod, recognized by their blue tags. 

Cover crops also deserve mention. These plant heroes bolster soil health, conserve water, and enrich biodiversity. Many familiar names, such as barley or clover, serve this role. Recognizing their significance, the American Seed Trade Association highlighted cover crops as sustainability champions in 2022. 

So, the next time you cheer for a FOOTBALL game, remember the work that goes into keeping the field looking so good. Some of it is kin to the grass that nourishes livestock, gracing your plate with delicious meat. 

And that beer in your hand? Thank barley, a pivotal ingredient for brewing companies. Seeds make it all come full circle – from fields to festivities! 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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