Sask Wheat approves $1.6 million in funding to AgriARM sites

May 18, 2023

Sask Wheat has approved $1.6 million in funding over two years to eight Saskatchewan AgriARM sites. Each site will receive $200,000 to go toward extension capacity, purchasing new equipment and furthering agronomic research, which can increase wheat and whole-farm profitability.

AgriARM is a network of producer-directed applied research and demonstration organizations located across Saskatchewan. Each site operates individually and strives to collaborate on a broad range of projects to generate results relevant to growers over a wide area. AgriARM sites are supported by core funding from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and receive the majority of funds through project-based funding from governments, commodity groups and private industry.

“The AgriARM research sites have conducted important research for Saskatchewan farmers over the last few years, from testing the effects of post-anthesis UAN on wheat protein to evaluation of row spacing and seeding density on the crop development and yield,” says Sask Wheat chair Brett Halstead. “Sask Wheat is pleased to provide AgriARM researchers with the funding they need to continue their research and provide Saskatchewan farmers with unique, Saskatchewan-based and regionally specific agronomic tools and techniques that will provide benefits to their farms.”

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