Roquette Garners Provincial Award

Dec 21, 2020
Roquette has been selected as one of Manitoba's top employers for 2020.
The plant-based protein manufacturer has been in Manitoba since 2017 -- when officials first broke ground on the project just outside of Portage la Prairie.
Communications and public affairs manager Michelle Finley says it's not the first time the company has been up for this award.
"We won our first one last year, and so we're excited that we won a second one this year. We've added so much new stuff as we're ramping up the plants, and it's a real sense of accomplishment for the entire team here."
She notes COVID-19 has put a damper on the way they welcome and orientate new workers. A lot of practices have shifted to online to minimize person-to-person contact. Finley says it's not the size of the company that puts them up for this award, it's the culture.
"Roquette is geared towards caring for its employees. People are at the center of everything Roquette does, and that includes its employees. So, they start there, and all of their policies support employees and make it an incredibly welcoming and rewarding place to work."
The plant has nearly 100 personnel on staff and Roquette is on the hunt for 20 more come for the start of the new year. Finley gives us an update on the status of the plant.
"Operations have started. We welcomed our first load of peas last week, and so, operations have started, and the team is ramping up. Everyone is extremely excited, and we're just full steam ahead heading into 2021."
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