Pulse Market Report July 2014

Jul 18, 2014

Perception of Canadian Supply Versus World Demand

In late June, the eastern half of the prairies was hit by a multi-inch rain event, causing subsequent crop loss. However, the total amount of crop loss has yet to be quantified. Local data for Saskatchewan from the Statistics Canada (StatsCan) Census Agriculture Region (CAR) isn’t available yet for 2014, but one can get a rough sense of how much pea and lentil area might be impacted.

It’s common to hear of disease pressure in areas that received heavy rain or are behind with heat-unit accumulation, but anecdotally I am hearing that some crops are doing just fine. At the Canadian Special Crop Association (CSCA) conference, which took place July 6-8 in Saskatoon, it was mentioned that if you want to see yield challenges in Saskatchewan, drive east, but you’ll find a much better crop situation if you drive west. This supports the theory that this year will see a buffet of quality and a wide array of maturation dates in Saskatchewan crops, which should be able to support an average national yield outcome.

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Source: Saskatchewan Pulse Growers

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