Proper Feeder Adjustment Ensures Optimum Performance and Cuts Feed Waste

Apr 27, 2015
The manager of technology transfer with the Saskatoon based Prairie Swine Centre says ensuring the correct feeder adjustment will minimize feed waste while maintaining the productivity of the swine herd.
On a 10 year average feed represents about 58 percent of the total cost of producing hogs, although that number will vary depending on feed costs and can reach as high as two thirds of the cost.
Ken Engele, the manager of technology transfer with the Saskatoon based Prairie Swine Centre told those attending the centre's 2015 Manitoba Spring Producer Meetings last week, one of the simple things that can be done to manage feed costs is ensuring proper feeder adjustment.
Clip-Ken Engele-Prairie Swine Centre:
There's lots of research out there over the past dozen years or ten years that says feeder pan coverage should be 40 percent in the nursery.
The Prairie Swine Centre would have done that work.
Then grower finisher, Kansas State University would have said feeder pan coverage needs to be in that 50 to 60 percent range.
Taking 50 percent feeder pan coverage is sort of optimal.
Anything beyond that on the upper side winds up increasing feed waste and adjusting feeders too tightly actually reduces animal performance.
Typically, going into some of the research what we found was, in the nursery, people tended to want to be overly aggressive on tightening the nursery feeders just because they thought that would be expensive feed but, in doing barn audits through an ADOPT project over the last six weeks what we found is quite the opposite.
Source : Farmscape
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