Prairie Swine Centre Spring Meeting Presentations

May 14, 2013

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Throughout the month of April, Prairie Swine Centre hosted a series of producer meetings throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.  The purpose of the meetings was to bring the latest information from the Centre to industry, and provide pork producers an opportunity to speak with the Researchers regarding the research program at PSC along with other ideas, challenges and solutions producers may have.

Prairie Swine Centre would like to thank Elanco Animal Health for their continued sponsorship of the spring producer meeting series.

For more information on individual presentations, please follow the links below.

Nutrition of the Newly Weaned Pig – Denise Beaulieu, Laura Eastwood (Prairie Swine Centre)

Considerations for Conversions, What Does the Science Say? – Jennifer Brown, Yolande Seddon (Prairie Swine Centre)

Inclusion of Dietary Co-Products Impact on Performance and Bottom Line – Ruurd Zijlstra (University of Alberta)

Research Focused on Success for Group Housing of Sows – Laurie Connor (University of Manitoba)

Enhancing Profitability Through Swine Innovation? – Ken Engele (Prairie Swine Centre, on behalf of Swine Innovation Porc)


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Video: We ATTEMPT fermenting our pig feed, the results were SURPRISING!

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