Patz Introduces New 2400 Series II Vertical Mixer Sizes

Jul 21, 2017
Patz Corporation is pleased to announce two new sizes for our 2400 Series II Vertical Mixer line. Due to market demand and customer input, we now offer 650 & 740 cu. ft. 2400 Series II Vertical Mixers.
The 650 & 750 cu. ft. sizes will feature a twin screw design with our Patented baffle system. These new mixers share similar features to our other 2400 Series II mixers (810, 950, & 1100 cu. ft. units), including being available in an Extra Heavy (XH) version. The 650 and 750 vertical mixers are built on a narrower platform, which is comparable in width to our 3600 Series II mixer.
Two options of 1000 RPM stop and shift 2-speed gearbox or direct drive will be available for our 2400 Series II Vertical Mixers. Front door with trailer mounted or tub mounted conveyors along with side and rear commodity doors are also available.
The new 650 and 750 cu. ft. sizes stand on a straight axle with (4)-tire configuration, using new 285/70R19.5 tires. The minimum tractor horse power ranges from 90 HP up to 150 HP, depending on the size of the mixer and choice of drive system.
As with all of our mixer lines, the 2400 Series II vertical mixers are able to handle a wide variety of ingredients, from large round or square bales that are wet or dry. Our vertical mixer lines offer a consistent TMR from start to finish, regardless of the batch size.
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Source : Patz