Operation Main Street Training Offered at World Pork Expo

Apr 28, 2015

AASV members are making a difference by sharing the facts about pig care and pork production with veterinary students, dieticians, and civic groups across the U.S. You can join your colleagues in the effort to counter misunderstanding and misinformation about the swine industry by becoming a trained Operation Main Street (OMS) speaker. Two OMS speaker training opportunities will be held during World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa on June 2-3 and June 4-5.

In 2011, AASV and the National Pork Board partnered to train veterinarians as OMS speakers with a goal to schedule a speaker in all 30 schools of veterinary medicine. To date, trained veterinarians have presented at 26 of 30 schools, reaching 5,000+ students through this program.

The training updates participants on what activists are saying about agriculture today, and provides attendees with the needed tools and presentations to address those concerns in a science-based, proactive manner. The objective is to equip veterinarians to speak to veterinary students and professional groups, including dieticians. Any AASV member interested in becoming a trained OMS speaker and helping in this endeavor is invited to participate.

Source: AASV

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