May 22, 2023

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On behalf of all the state’s pork producers, the Ohio Pork Council (OPC) is again partnering with a community-based nonprofit to further demonstrate how much its members are dedicated to bringing high-quality, nutrient-dense protein to those in need. OPC is donating $2,500 to New Day Ministries, based in Bucyrus, Ohio, to be used to purchase pork, which will be distributed to those in the area who rely on the organization’s services to receive much-needed nutritional assistance.

“This donation from the Ohio Pork Council allows us to continue to supply the community and our clients with fresh, nutritious food,” said Kaden Thomas, executive director for New Day Ministries in Bucyrus, Ohio. “We strive to provide nutritious food to our community, and this will help us achieve that goal.”

While giving back to the state’s rural and urban communities is a regular part of the OPC’s Pork Power initiative, it’s even more critical during uncertain economic times that are affecting so many Ohioans.

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