New Holland CR Series of Combines.

Aug 08, 2014

New Holland Raises Harvesting Stakes with All-New CR Combine Harvester Series

 New Holland News

 New Holland, PA

  • Harvest in a new dimension: culmination of 40 years of Twin Rotor® technology
  • Twin Rotor®, Dynamic Feed RollTM,  Twin Pitch rotors, IntelliCruise, Opti-FanTM: proven unique technologies deliver more capacity than ever
  • Massive power, vast grain tank, extensive autonomy: productivity reaches new heights, increasing by up to 15%
  • Harvest SuiteTM Ultra cab: designed for ultimate harvesting comfort
  • CR10.90 Elevation (Tier 4B) is equipped with the Diesel Of The Year® 2014
    Cursor 16 engine


CR 10.90 Elevation Combine


    New Holland's all-new CR Series combines raise harvesting to a whole new level: up to 15% more productivity, grain crackage as low as 0.2%, and the ultimate comfort cab. The brand new Harvest SuiteTM Ultra cab is larger and offers more glass than previous models. The six model series is topped by the CR10.90 Elevation, the most powerful CR model ever, and the highest capacity in the industry that delivers outstanding performance.

    "The new CR Series is the culmination of 40 years of Twin Rotor® technology," stated Dan Valen, New Holland North America Cash Crop Equipment Segment Manager. "It offers the best of New Holland's smart harvesting technologies: Twin Pitch rotors, Dynamic Feed RollTM, SmartTraxTM rubber tracks, Tier 4B ECOBlueTM Hi-eSCR engine technologies - all working together to allow producers to harvest in a new dimension.  All this is coupled with the Harvest Suite Ultra cab that defines harvesting comfort. You couldn't ask for more."

    Proven technologies deliver more capacity than ever
    New Holland continues to improve and refine its proven Twin Rotor technology, which is designed for high-capacity harvesting and delivering high outputs and superior grain quality.

    The Dynamic Feed Roll on-the-go mechanical stone protection system further raises the CR's massive capacity by feeding the rotors faster and more smoothly while removing stones with no stopping or hesitation. The new serrated blades on the roll are gentle on the crop, resulting in high-quality grain.

    CR Series combines work seamlessly in tough crop conditions with the Twin Pitch rotors, which can raise productivity by up to 10% in damp conditions. Switching between small grain/corn configurations to harvest rice is easy. The redesigned adjustable rotor vanes require less power in high-volume crops and consistently deliver high capacity. 

    The SmartTraxTM rubber tracks, optional on all models, ensure excellent traction and low soil compaction while providing a silky smooth ride.

    Massive power, extensive autonomy, vast grain tank: productivity reaches new heights, increasing by up to 15%
    The CR Series combines offer more horsepower than ever: from 401 hp of the CR6.90 to the massive 653 hp of the flagship CR10.90 Elevation. The entire series features the Tier 4B ECOBlueTM Hi-eSCR technology*. The flagship CR10.90 Elevation is equipped with the Diesel Of The Year® 2014 Cursor 16 engine which features Common Rail technology for precision fueling and outstandingly responsive performance, resulting in constant, high productivity in all field conditions.

    New Holland's highly efficient ECOBlue technology delivers impressive fuel savings, reducing running costs and extending further the already extensive autonomy given by the ample fuel tank - 340 gallons in the CR8.90, CR9.90, CR9.90 Elevation and CR10.90 Elevation models. The extra-long 34-foot folding unloading auger on the larger models is a match for the widest heads.

    The grain tank's high capacity - ranging from 315 bushels in the CR6.90 and CR7.90 to 410 bushels in the CR8.90, CR9.90, CR9.90 Elevation and CR10.90 Elevation - combined with the lightning fast unloading speed of up to 4.0 bushels/second and the extensive autonomy mean that no second is wasted during the day: productivity soars by up to15% and does not waver until the job is done.

    Harvest SuiteTM Ultra cab: designed for ultimate harvesting comfort
    Designed in consultation with customers, the new Harvest Suite Ultra cab defines harvesting comfort. The ample, 131 cu. ft. cab is larger than its predecessor, and the interior layout has been entirely redesigned to further improve ergonomics and comfort. The new force-based CommandGripTM multifunction handle is intuitive to use and makes it easy to fine tune harvesting speed to optimize performance. The new harvesting console is designed to become an extension of the operator.

    The ultra-wide 10.4-inch IntelliView IV color touchscreen monitor puts all key parameters at the operator's fingertips and is fixed on rollers so that it can be moved to the most comfortable position. An optional second IntelliView display is available for operators requiring the maximum amount of information.

    The new cab also features more glass than previous models. With 68 sq. ft. of glassed area and the floor sloping down into the front windscreen, the operator has excellent visibility all round and a clear view of the header.

    For the long harvesting days, there is a choice of three types of seat offering increasing levels of comfort - from the standard wide cloth seat to the heated deluxe leather trimmed seat with air suspension and active ventilation.

    When harvesting continues into the night, the lighting package is precision engineered to ensure perfect visibility of the entire header and the field ahead. An unloading auger light for precision unloading and four rear work lights mean farmers can continue to work long after dark just as efficiently as during the day in order to get the job done right.  HID and LED packages are available. 

    "New Holland has been committed to equipping our customers with product advancements, new technology and solutions for well over a century," says Valen. "The CR combine line is just one of the many new product innovations to be introduced in 2014.  Dedicated. Uncompromising. Smart. That's New Holland."