Manitoba Pork Says Bills 62 And 63 Are Key To Protecting Biosecurity

Oct 19, 2021

The Manitoba Pork Council is applauding the provincial government for its work to bring forth assent on Bills 62 and 63.

Bill 62, the Animal Diseases Amendment Act, strengthens legislation to protect biosecurity zones in place on agricultural operations, and help to protect livestock from biosecurity breaches during transport and at food-processing facilities.

Bill 63, the Petty Trespasses Amendment and Occupiers’ Liability Amendment Act, removes the need to confront trespassers where possible, by making entry onto certain specified premises without permission an offence, unless the person has a lawful excuse for doing so.

In a news release, Manitoba Pork says now that both pieces of legislation have been made law, farmers have been provided with direct assistance to ensure the health and safety of the animals under their care. The organization adds that farmers have been provided with critical tools to protect the integrity of our food system.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Manitobans have first-hand experience when it comes to methods that farmers use every day to attempt to suppress the spread of a deadly virus,” said Manitoba Pork Chair Rick Préjet. “Tools like contact tracing, physical distancing, enhanced cleanliness measures, and ultimately, vaccines, are key biosecurity measures used by hog farmers as well, to protect the health of the animals under their care. The province’s commitment to protecting biosecurity on our farms demonstrates how vital it is to keep our livestock healthy.”

Manitoba Pork says farmers closely restrict contact with the outside world through enhanced biosecurity protocols, such as keeping records of all movements on and off the farm, exceptional cleaning and disinfection, and requiring showers both upon entry and exit of a barn facility. These steps are key to limiting disease and contaminants that could force entire herds to be culled.

“The legislation also helps protect farm families and their staff from potentially dangerous encounters with illegal trespassers. This is an important safety measure that we support,” added Préjet.

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