Manitoba Beef Producers Answers Drought Questions

Jul 21, 2021

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Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) held an information session for producers Tuesday, to answer questions about the drought situation.

President Tyler Fulton said they had about 100 people on the call at its peak.

"From a short term perspective, we've been exclusively focused on creating a situation where there's as much winter feed that's produced as possible. What we mean by that is just a collaborative approach from livestock and crop producers alike to be able to utilize some of these marginal crops, cereal crops, that are burning up and being able to bail them for livestock feed."

He notes longer term, they are talking about things like livestock tax deferrals, and AgriRecovery.

"We think as a board, it probably makes the most sense to be something like a per head payment that would help individual producers make the choices and the solutions that make the most sense for them."

Fulton says AAFC Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau will be in Manitoba Thursday to tour the region along with Manitoba Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler.

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