KENT Launches NexGen Advanced Swine Products

Jun 17, 2024

KENT Nutrition Group says they are taking their decades-long commitment to real-world solutions for swine producers to new levels with the release of Nexgen Advanced swine feeds.

According to the company, this rebranded line of swine products includes all stages of animal development and combines more than a decade’s worth of performance enhancements, continuous improvements and recent research. 

“Our ongoing, intense research showed we could improve upon our already strong formulas,” Jim Smith, senior technical swine nutritionist at KENT Nutrition Group, said in a release. “We saw improvements in average daily gain, cost per gain and net return and we want our hog producer customers to have these advantages.”

The rebranded line includes improved formulas for over 50 products using the research conducted by Michael Edmonds, vice president, swine nutrition, KNG, at the KENT Research Farm in Muscatine, Iowa.

Examples of the research-based pig starter changes include removing fish meal from diet, altering levels of organic selenium and adding Chromax, chromium tripicolinate, the company explained in a release. KENT also researched the effects of phytase on phosphorus digestibility and fiber sources designed to create better stool consistency. 

“We’re excited to release the NexGen Advanced products to the industry.This line-up represents years of practical research proven with on-farm trials that can impact hog producers’ bottom line,” Smith said. “KENT has a strong, decades-long commitment to the pork industry and we’re proud to bring NexGen Advanced to the market.”

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