Keeping grains safe in storage

Oct 03, 2023

Producers can use the following charts to prevent spoilage of stored grain
How to use the charts:

  • Measure the moisture content and temperature of your crop as it goes into storage.
  • Plot this initial moisture content and initial temperature on the chart. If the result falls in the no spoilage zone, then your crop should store safely for up to 5 months, 6 months in the case of wheat. If it falls in the spoilage zone, spoilage will occur.
  • Cool or dry the crop in storage until the temperature or moisture content put it in the no spoilage zone.
  • The centre zone cuts off a 1% safety margin although spoilage may occur under these conditions.
  • Be aware that the moisture content and temperature of a bulk may change during storage due to convection currents, leading to localized spoilage. Monitor the top- centre of the bulk regularly throughout storage or use aeration.
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