John Deere updates, adds to its lineup of orchard and vineyard tractors

Dec 01, 2022

OLATHE, Kan. — John Deere is widening its lineup of specialty tractors designed for work in narrow orchards and vineyards with the addition of the new 5EN and 5ML Series.

The popular 5EN from the past is back and updated with a 5075EN model available in an open operator station or cab configuration. Inside the cab, operators will find all-day comfort with AC/heat, ergonomic levers and implement controls, cell phone and cup holders, 12-volt outlet, USB port and a pair of service ports. An air-ride seat is optional. With 75 engine horsepower, the 5075EN is the highest horsepower that can be purchased that meets emission requirements without the management of diesel exhaust fluid.

"The 5075EN is an economical, narrow tractor that can be configured to a working width as minimal as 51 inches and can also be outfitted with a front hitch and mid SCVs for the ultimate implement versatility. It's ideal for fruit handling and hauling, spraying, mowing and any application that takes place within the narrow confines of an orchard or vineyard," said Greg Christensen, marketing manager for John Deere. "Not only will customers find the 5075EN to be reliable, nimble and easy to use, they'll be surprised at how much John Deere Precision Ag Technology is available to help them monitor, manage and maximize their farm or business."

Two proven transmission options are available for the 5075EN – the 12x12 PowrReverser™ and the 24x12 PowrReverser with High-Lo. A creeper option on both transmissions lets operators choose the right speed for spraying, mowing, hauling or any slow-speed application. A left-hand reverser is standard and makes changing directions easy, while freeing up the person's right hand for other tractor controls.

Moving up in horsepower and spec level, the 100- to 130-horsepower 5ML Series also gets significant updates.

"The 5ML Series has been a proven tractor in fruit and nut orchards for years, but customers either had to use it as an open operator station tractor or find a cab solution on their own, costing them time and money," Christensen said. "Now, customers can get a low-profile, feature-packed, John Deere cab that shows up from the factory ready to work."

The new 5ML cab provides head-to-toe comfort with a flat floor, spacious headroom, and ergonomic, well-placed controls. A reconfigurable in-dash 3-screen LCD display allows operators to customize their view. On cab versions of the 5ML, two front-axle options are available for working widths as narrow as 71 inches, and down to 61 inches on the 5ML Narrow. Each come equipped with programmable LED lighting, options for a front hitch, and front PTO for added versatility, plus the choice of an easy-to-use PowrQuad™ PLUS or Powr8™ transmission.

Customers can also choose two new dealer-installed kits. A Cat IV filtration system provides an additional level of cab filtration and pressurization. A new Limb Lifter kit can be added to gently move away low hanging branches, reducing the potential for damage to the tree and tractor.

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