Hans Stein: Use of Feed Technology to Improve the Nutritional Value of Feed Ingredients Fed To Pigs

May 05, 2015
Dr. Oscar Rojas is a recent Ph. D. recipient from the Stein Nutrition Lab. In this podcast, he presents his doctoral research into the use of various feed processing technologies to improve the nutritional value of feed ingredients fed to pigs. Topics include:
Determining the concentration of DE and ME and the digestibility of P, AA, and starch in corn grain that was ground to different particle sizes and fed to growing pigs
Tests of the hypotheses that the addition of dietary lipids can be reduced as corn particle size is reduced without affecting growth performance or carcass characteristics, and that caloric utilization of corn fed to weanling pigs is increased if particle size of corn is reduced
Effects of extrusion and pelleting on energy and nutrient digestibility in diets with different levels of fiber fed to pigs
Effects of chemicals, physical, or enzymatic treatments on  concentration of ME and digestibility of energy in DDGS fed to pigs
Downloadable video
Source: ANSCI
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