G 3 has Opened its New Terminal at the Port of Vancouver

Jul 14, 2020

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In any other year, there would have been a huge celebration for the opening of a new export terminal at the Port of Vancouver on July 8, but with the way things are right now, that will have to wait for another day. 
Construction of the G-3 terminal started back in 2017 and following recent testing period that lasted months, the new terminal is now in full operation.  Brett Malkoske, the vice president of business development and communications with the Winnipeg based company says the new terminal can accommodate three 150 car unit trains on the site at any given time.  One of those unit trains can be fully unloaded within a matter of 8 hours and they can load a shipping vessel at a maximum rate of 6500 tons per hour.  Malkoske says it simply sets a new standard for shipping grain from a Canadian port, but he says the opening of the new terminal is only part of G-3's plans to get more prairie grain to port in a more timely fashion.  The company is also expanding the number of elevators on the prairies, of which 9 have been recently completed and 5 more are under construction.  Malkoske says the pandemic slowed the company's constructions plans a bit this spring, but all necessary precautions were taken among staff.
G-3 has a new inland terminal being constructed south of Irricana as well as in Erskine, just west of Stettler. Both facilities are well on their way to being completed and will give farmers in our area another option to get their grain to market.  The anticipated completion date is in 2020.
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