Food Banks Canada's landmark Canada-wide Poverty Report Cards highlight deepening food insecurity and failures from all levels of government

Sep 26, 2023

OTTAWA, ON,  Poverty in Canada is entrenched, deepening, and impacting low-income and vulnerable people in every region of the country according to Food Banks Canada's inaugural release of the Poverty Report Cards, which call for much-needed action from all levels of government.

According to Food Banks Canada's Poverty Report Cards, more than 42.6% of people nationally feel financially worse off compared to last year; 18.4% are experiencing food insecurity and almost 30% are coping with an inadequate standard of living.

"Food Banks Canada Calls for Collective Effort from Every Level of Government"
"Until now, information about poverty has been scattered across the country and difficult to compare from government to government. Now, Food Banks Canada has developed an objective way to compare the progress of every government over time, focusing on providing governments with tangible ways to improve and prioritize poverty reduction efforts," explains Phil Ozga, Chief Network and Government Relations Officer, Food Banks Canada. 

"Poverty in Canada cannot be resolved by focusing on one provincial government or just the federal government. We need a collective effort from every level of government in Canada, and this report allows us to see that while every government has a long way to go, some are doing more than others," he says

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