Farmers dealing with aphids and grasshoppers: Crop Pest Update

Aug 16, 2022


Insects: Insects of greatest concern currently are aphids in small grain cereals and soybeans, and grasshoppers. Insecticides have been applied for soybean aphid in some fields in Eastern and Central Manitoba. High populations of aphids are present in some fields of wheat, oats and barley, with insecticides applications occurring. There has been some spraying for Lygus bugs in canola in the Swan Valley area of the Northwest.

Diseases: Agronomists in the field reported two new diseases for this year: downy mildew in field peas and crown rust in oats. Read further below for the unique conditions that favour these diseases and why they might have appeared at this time in the season.

Weeds: Provincial Weed Survey is wrapping up with almost 700 fields sampled so far. Most fields are relatively clean and crops are in good shape. We are seeing a lot of warm season weeds like foxtails and pigweeds as well as wet season weeds like plantain and yellow dock. Other weeds like wild buckwheat, round-leaved mallow and Canada fleabane seem to be more prevalent this year. We will come back to about 1/4 of the fields at harvest time to sample mature weeds, these will be valuated for herbicide resistance.

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