Crop Pest Update

May 25, 2021


High levels of wireworms were reported from some cereal fields in the Central region.

Some cutworms are being found, but no high levels reported yet.

Flea beetles are active; no reports of economic damage to canola yet.


Very few disease concerns at the moment.


Weed growth is slow due to dry conditions, but scout carefully as weeds like lambs quarters and kochia show up early and can be at an advanced leaf stage even though they are short due to the challenging growing conditions.

Crops are starting to emerge and we’ve missed the opportunity for pre-emerge weed control in those fields.

Do not spray glyphosate on any emerged crop (other than glyphosate-tolerant crops like canola, soybeans and corn), even if plants are just starting to poke out they will still be damaged by the glyphosate.

Watch field peas, in dry conditions they can be at an advanced growth stage while being very short. In-crop herbicides like Viper and Odyssey need to be applied by the 6 node stage, do not wait for more weeds to come and spray beyond that crop stage.

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