Complete new TRION combine range designed to ‘Fit your Farm’

Aug 05, 2021

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With the introduction of the new TRION range of combines, CLAAS has completed the final stage in the total replacement of its combine range, which started with the introduction of the new generation LEXION 8000/7000 combines in 2019.

The TRION is a completely new range of combines, with a total of 20 models available including not only conventional 5- and 6-straw walker machines, but also single and twin rotor hybrids, plus the availability TERRA TRAC and MONTANA hillside versions.

The wide range of farms, crops and climates in which CLAAS combines work around the world, mean that combines of this size have to be versatile. This is reflected in the extensive range of variants, features and options to ensure that the new TRION provides customers, whether they be a small mixed arable farm looking for a simple, straightforward machine or a large arable unit looking for a more technically advanced combine to maximise output, with a TRION model that can be specified to truly ‘Fit your Farm’.

While at its heart the new TRION relies on well proven CLAAS straw-walker and HYBRID threshing technology, it also incorporates many features that set completely new performance standards on combines of this size.

Several key new features within the TRION set it apart:

  • The extensive range of 20 models available
  • The range of threshing systems available: straw walker, single rotor HYBRID and twin-rotor HYBRID
  • The massive separation area for high-capacity threshing
  • JET STREAM standard across all models
  • New British-built Cummins engines that provide optimum power for the size of combine
  • Wide availability of wheeled, tracked TERRA TRAC and MONTANA hillside models
  • A new design of CLAAS cab that brings higher cab comfort standards
  • Tank capacities that set a new standard for this size of combine
  • Extensive range of chopping options

Extensive model range
Within the 20 models available, the base TRION range comprises of two 500-range 5-straw walker models, three 600 range 6-straw walker models, including the TRION 640 which provides a new entry point into the 6-straw walker market, and three 700-range HYBRID models, of which two have a single rotor and one has twin rotors.

Common to all TRION models is the well-proven APS primary threshing system designed to thresh out up to 90% of grains, leaving just the harder to thresh grains for the secondary separation system. For greater throughput capacity, TRION 500 and 700 range machines are fitted with a 1,420mm wide threshing system, increasing to 1,700mm for TRION 600 models. These are wider than on previous TUCANO models, which were either 1,320mm or 1,580mm wide.

For the TRION, the APS system comprises of a 450mm diameter accelerator and a 600mm diameter closed threshing drum, which again is some 33% larger than the threshing drum on the TUCANO. As a result, the concave area is also greater, with the concave on TRION 600 models being 31% larger than on the TUCANO 450, and the concave on TRION 700 models 9% bigger than on the TUCANO 580. The front concaves are interchangeable and the speed of all three drums is synchronised and adjusted using CEBIS, which is also used for adjusting the concaves, which are also synchronised.

To keep maintenance downtime to a minimum, the completely redesigned and less complex drive system for the TRION means that there are now six less belts on HYBRID models and three less on straw walker machines compared to the previous TUCANO range. As on the new LEXION, the drive system is based on that used in the JAGUAR which ensures a more positive, smooth engagement of the threshing and auger systems.

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