CN prepares for increased grain transportation across Canada

Aug 17, 2022

LETHBRIDGE, AB – Canadian National Railway says it is prepared to transport a lot more crops over the next year.

The company recently released its 2022-2023 Grain Plan, highlighting everything it is doing to ensure it can keep up with producers.

After many farmers experienced drought-like conditions over the previous year and the war in Ukraine, CN Rail has been anticipating a massive increase of outputs from [Canadian] farmers.

“The strength of our agriculture sector is critical to Canada’s economy and to feeding the world,” said Tracy Robinson, CN CEO.

This led the company to add 57 new high-horsepower locomotives and 1,000 new covered hopper cars; 500 in 2022 and 500 in 2023. These new cars can carry up to 15 per cent more grain.

CN is also aiming to have a better balance across all rail corridors. That means it will be making better use of the eastern Canadian network, including Thunder Bay when the St. Lawrence Seaway System is open to navigation, and direct shipments to St. Lawrence River ports when the Seaway closes for the winter.

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