Central Lower Michigan Restricted Use Pesticide Credit Opportunities

Nov 24, 2023

By Monica Jean

It’s restricted use pesticide (RUP) renewal season, and you may be wondering what credits do I have, where can I get more or how can I take the test? You can check your current credits on the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) website by your license number. If you need to switch credits from category to core or if you have questions, reach out to MDARD-pesticide@michigan.gov. If you need additional credits, you can find seminar information on the MDARD website or see the list below of what we are currently offering in the central Lower Michigan area.

Michigan State University Extension (MSU Extension) is in the middle of scheduling a lot of review/credit opportunities, so feel free to contact your local MSU Extension educator for additional opportunities. If you need to take the core test, MSU Extension is partnering with the MDARD to offer 20 review and testing locations throughout Michigan. If these don’t work for you, there are also metro sites where you can schedule testing.

In-person credit opportunities

Online credit opportunities

Stop by any local MSU Extension office to purchase core review booklets. You can also purchase category and core books on the National Pesticide Safety Education Center website.

Source : msu.edu
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