Central Alberta sees good crop growing conditions over past two weeks

Aug 20, 2019

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Weather is having a noticeable impact on crop conditions across the province, according to the latest report from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.
Frequent rain since July accompanied with cool temperature has increased excessive soil moisture, particularly in the North East and North West Regions.
Hailstorms damaged some mature crops in southern parts of the province and destroyed some field crops in other areas. Additionally, a light frost occurred in the western to central parts of the Peace Region, with the lowest recorded temperature at -1C.
Friday’s crop report notes there are concerns of yield and quality loss if a frost happens again, particularly for vulnerable canola fields that are still in the flowering stage across the province.
However, officials say forecasted warmer temperatures and sunny days will be welcomed to help crops mature and reduce excessive soil moisture into the harvest season.
Most areas in the Central region have had excellent growing conditions over the past two weeks and potential yields are mainly strong. Crops are filling well, according to the latest report, but are about a week to 10 days behind due to cool temperatures and lack of sunlight in July.
Hail damage was reported as severe for some fields. More heat is welcome to finish ripening for harvest. Excessive moisture has increased disease pressure, particularly in dry peas.
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