CASE Introduces OEM-Fit SiteControl Machine Control Solutions for Excavators — Powered by Leica Geosystems

Jul 08, 2021

OEM-Fit offering ensures the proper match of excavator and machine control solution from Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, and simplifies the acquisition process with a single financing package.

CASE Construction Equipment introduces OEM-Fit 2D and 3D machine control solutions designed by Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon — now available for CASE D Series excavators from CASE SiteControl Certified dealers. This new option ensures that the optimal combination of machine and solution is installed and tested by CASE certified precision field specialists. It also simplifies the acquisition process and allows for the technology to be grouped in with the purchase of the machine — combining the financing or lease approval, rate and payment in a single package.

“It takes the guesswork out of what solution works best with each machine, and ensures that it is installed and tested by certified professionals before it’s delivered to the contractor,” says Nathaniel Waldschmidt, product manager, CASE Construction Equipment. “The excavator and the machine control system are optimally matched and calibrated — helping the owners and operators of each machine get up and running immediately upon delivery of the machine.”  

OEM-Fit machine control solutions also increase the residual/resale value of each excavator, confirming to buyers on the secondary market that the system is designed and proven to work with the machine.

“Machine control has the ability to transform the productivity, efficiency and long-term profitability of excavators,” says Waldschmidt. “We’re now making the addition of machine control with excavators completely turnkey, allowing contractors to experience those benefits in an extremely seamless experience with their CASE SiteControl Certified dealer.”

Leica Geosystems’ machine control solutions offer several features that increase the productivity, accuracy and safety of excavators while providing operators an easy-to-use hardware and software platform.

“We recognize the value of industry collaboration to provide contractors with accessible and easy-to-use technology,” says Magnus Thibblin, Leica Geosystems Machine Control president. “We are pleased to work with CASE Construction Equipment to provide customers OEM-Fit machine control solutions on CASE D Series excavators.”

Source : CNH Industrial
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