Case IH Offers Productivity-boosting Updates for Early Riser Planter Models

Case IH Offers Productivity-boosting Updates for Early Riser Planter Models
Sep 13, 2022

Updates to Case IH 2000 series Early Riser® planter models are designed to help producers achieve a more efficient planting season. With the introduction of the 2150S Early Riser front-fold trailing planter in February 2022, Case IH gave producers a high-performance split-row configuration option to increase planting productivity. Now the latest updates include greater liquid capacity for the 2150 Early Riser front-fold planter, a dealer-installed 48th row option for the 2160 Early Riser large front-fold planter, and planter software updates for the AFS Pro 1200 display.  

“Introducing the 2150S Early Riser planter this year was a game-changer — but it was just the start of our renewed commitment to bolstering our entire lineup of 2000 series Early Riser planters,” said David Brennan, Case IH planter marketing manager. “These new offerings are designed for producers who are always looking for more options and greater capacity during crucial planting windows.”

Greater fertilizer capacity
Built on Agronomic Design principles, Case IH 2000 series Early Riser planters are known to deliver exceptional results in tight planting windows and a range of field conditions. To help growers cover even greater stretches between fills, the 2150 Early Riser planter features a new liquid tank design.

A 540-gallon liquid capacity is now available on Model Year 2023 2150 planters, delivering increased run times of up to 180 acres between liquid product fills. Forward tank placement optimizes weight distribution, while a low-profile design improves rear visibility for greater navigation in the field. The fill location is easily accessible from the rear platform.

New dealer-installed option
Producers who own a 47-row 2160 Early Riser large front-fold planter now have the option of installing a 48th row on their machine. This upgrade can be quickly and reliably installed by a local Case IH dealer by using a simple, bolt-on bracket kit.

“The 2160 Early Riser planter already offers exceptional performance for large planting operations,” Brennan said. “This additional row provides even greater efficiency for growers looking to squeeze in more acres each day.”

AFS Pro 1200 software updates
New software updates for the AFS Pro 1200 display enable operators to use a single display for all tractor and planter functions. With six customizable run screens, upgrades will allow users to view important planter functions while performing another function on the display. Additionally, high-resolution mapping can be configured to display coverage, varieties, planter ride, spacing, ground contact, skips and more.

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