Case IH: 6150 Series Axial-Flow Combine

Nov 05, 2018

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Rachel Gingell of recently met with Louis Melanson, combine product specialist for Case IH, at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in September 2018 to celebrate Case IH history and to introduce the new 6150 Series Axial-Flow Combine.

Melanson reflected on the release of the first Axial-Flow combine in 1977.


“It was probably one of the most exciting times of my entire career. Case IH, or International Harvester at the time, was revolutionizing the whole industry because we were one of the first with rotary combines on the market.”

The 86 series was launched alongside the combine, changing the styling of their machines and introducing greater comfort inside of the cab.

“It was one of those tractors that we all said was way ahead of its time.”

The new 6150 Series Combine was released earlier this year at the Farm Progress Show in Saskatchewan with vintage styling. “We wanted to honour the 1460s that were released in 1977. Our paint and decal scheme are the same as they were back then.” This paint scheme is only available in 2019.

Melanson took Gingell through some updates to Case IH’s “flagship” combine. The Case IH 7250 Axial-Flow Combine is now fully automated, compatible with corn, soybeans, canola, and wheat. Case IH is working to expand their compatibility to cover all crops in the future.

The Case IH 7250 and 6150 Axial-Flow combines are available now.