Canadian Taxpayers Federation calls for cuts to gas and carbon taxes

Aug 23, 2023

As people in Saskatchewan try to squeeze as much as they can into the rest of summer, they’re also having to stretch their wallets ever wider to pay for gas.

That’s why Gage Haubrich, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s (CTF) prairie director, believes both the provincial and federal governments should cut their taxes on gasoline.

“Families are trying to take that once-a-year vacation, they’re trying to take their kids to baseball and football practice or they’re simply trying to gas up their car to get to work, and the simple truth is that they cannot afford it,” Haubrich said Thursday during a media conference in Regina.

Forty-seven cents from every litre of gas purchased in Saskatchewan is taxes, according to the CTF. Fourteen cents of that is due to the federal carbon tax, but Haubrich said the province is in on it too, with 15 cents from every litre.

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