BASF Canada launches Habitat Aqua herbicide, delivering effective solution for invasive weed control

Jul 09, 2021

Approved for use in and around aquatic sites for control against invasive species

New herbicide helps combat invasive species like phragmites that continue to spread, with an estimated 60,000+ acres in the Great Lakes region impacted

CALGARY, ALBERTA – BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions has launched its herbicide Habitat® Aqua (Habitat), registered for use by Health Canada, to combat invasive weeds that threaten natural habitats across Canada. Approved for application in and around aquatic sites, Habitat provides effective control over tough-to-manage invasive species such as phragmites, cordgrasses, flowering rush and knotweeds, which continue to be problematic for the native ecosystem and cause significant damage to the surrounding area.

“Invasive species like phragmites wreak havoc across the country, including crowding out native vegetation and reducing biodiversity, increasing road and fire hazards, and impacting recreational activities,” said Brad Hayhoe, Senior Marketing Manager, BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions. “In bringing this innovative solution to market, customers finally have access to a tool that helps tackle this pressing challenge. The much-awaited registration of Habitat is a prime example of BASF’s commitment to innovation, and we’re proud to support the long-term stewardship and sustainability of ecosystems across Canada.”

Invasive species impact nearly every region of Canada, but the Great Lakes region is one the most heavily affected areas, with estimates that phragmites have invaded 60,000 acres of shoreline and inland areas. In Ontario’s Long Point region, the invasion of phragmites has led to the elimination of local waterfowl and species at risk, making the area nearly uninhabitable. To help control the species, BASF is committed to working alongside conservation groups like the Nature Conservancy of Canada to help restore the natural environment back to its native state.

“Phragmites have spread rapidly across the province, and we have witnessed firsthand the devastating impact it can have on local wetlands, destroying habitat as well as shoreline views and access,” said Eric Cleland, Nature Conservancy of Canada’s director of invasive species in Ontario. “Battling phragmites will take collaboration across the board, including conservation organizations, funding partners, and all levels of government. The approval of Habitat Aqua gives us another tool to help curb the spread of non-native plants, like phragmites, and prevent them from re-establishing.”

Habitat is effective on most vegetation, including phragmites, flowering rush, spartina and knotweeds. It is approved to apply in and around standing flowing water, including lakes, slow moving rivers, streams, and seasonal wet areas. Habitat will be available for purchase, by licensed professionals, this month. To learn more and find a registered provider, please visit Licensed professionals can purchase directly from Veseris at

Source : agriculture.basf
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