Bale Better Next Spring With Proper Post-Season Maintenance

Bale Better Next Spring With Proper Post-Season Maintenance
Oct 12, 2022

You can’t make hay while the sun shines if your baler is out of commission. Make sure to properly inspect, repair and store your baler this fall so you’re ready for a productive hay season next year.

General maintenance

All proper baler maintenance starts with reviewing your operator’s manual. Your manual is your lifeline for long-term storage and repair information, as well as maintenance schedules, grease points, inspection protocols and winterizing procedures.

After consulting your manual, be sure to drain any hay preservative tanks and flush the system out before moving onto other maintenance needs.

Round balers and small square balers

When it comes to servicing round balers and small square balers, inspect the following components for any wear and tear accumulated over the season:

  • Belts
  • Pickup tines
  • Rotary cutting knives
  • Tires
  • Hydraulics
  • Hoses
  • Joints & PTO shafts
  • Lace belts & lace pins

Once you’ve assessed your baler and made sure any worn or broken equipment have been (or are scheduled to be) repaired or replaced, perform routine cleaning for better performance next hay season. This includes:

  • Cleaning and lubricating knotters on square balers
  • Cleaning slip clutches with grease and applying lubricant
  • Servicing PTO gearboxes
  • Flushing and changing any fluids

After maintenance and cleaning have been conducted, it’s time to store your equipment until it’s needed next season. As you do so, make sure to pay attention to your operator’s manual for winterizing procedures – this can help extend the longevity of your baler for years to come.

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