Automatic Weighing Method for Broiler Chickens is Faster and Less Stressful to Flock

Sep 26, 2023

By Frontiers Journals

In the process of commercial broiler production, bodyweight is one of the important indicators to measure the production efficiency and the health of a flock. Currently, broilers are mainly raised in cage-free condition, and are primarily manually weighed, which is time-consuming, labor-intensive and causes a stress response.

The process is usually carried out in a sample size of about 2% of the total flock with an electronic scale with ±20 g accuracy. Under normal conditions, chickens move freely, so it is to some extent difficult to catch them.

A research team from Zhejiang University and other affiliations developed a , accurate, stress-free -monitoring system based on the perching behavior of chickens. The technology is published in Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering.

The system integrates the functions of data acquisition, transmission, analysis, and display. It uses the self-developed PORWI data analysis scheme for intelligent perception of the average weight and evenness of the flock and has already been tested under actual production conditions.

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