Alberta Harvest Progress Ticks Up to 79 Per cent Done

Sep 29, 2023

Limited disruptions allowed the Alberta crop harvest to edge its way up to 79 per cent done, the Sept. 26 provincial crop report said. This is a 14 per cent increase from last week.

The report noted harvest is mostly complete in the south region, as well as in some areas of the central region. The harvest of spring cereals is reported as nearly done with reports indicating spring wheat at 89 per cent, barley at 91 per cent and oats at 73 per cent in the bin.

“Reports suggest that cooler evening temperatures may be slowing canola maturation in some areas, canola harvest advanced 23 per cent this week to 62 per cent harvested. An additional 23 per cent of the provincial canola crop is reported as drying in the swath,” the report said.

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