2022 Agribition made a big economic impact

Feb 02, 2023

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Canadian Western Agribition reported there was a big economic impact as a result of their 2022 show.

The organization released a recent economic impact study by Praxis Consulting Ltd. which showed a 31 per cent increase in the overall economic impact since its last assessment, bringing the total contribution to $96.5 million.

That is up from $73.6 million in 2017.

The study also pointed to strong sales figures from the 2022 event with a peak of $979,000 in trade show booth sales, as well as livestock sales totaling $2.2 million.

The study also noted that CWA generates $17.7 million in government revenue annually, with $8.3 million in federal revenue, $8 million in provincial revenue, and $1.4 million in municipal revenue.

"Our show is a major economic driver for the province and its residents, directly or indirectly supporting one out of every 190 jobs in the Regina area," said CWA CEO, Shaun Kindopp in a news release. "The results of this study are a testament to the growth and success of Agribition."

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