Border Real Estate

Border Real Estate is located in Altona, Manitoba. Whether you are looking to buy or sell property, their agents can assist you with all of your real estate needs. Borden Real Estate can also provide you with connections to find an appropriate lender for the loan type you are looking for. For sellers, they can prepare your home to show it in the best way possible, give you a staging checklist, and provide a free home valuation. For buyers, they will provide a home buyer checklist, advice for first time buyers, and can show you what the Parkland region has to offer. Border Real Estate has experience with farmland, rural homes, residential property, lots, commercial property, and much more.

Main Address :
67 2nd St NE, Altona, MB, R0G 0B0, Canada
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Tel :

Fax :
Jeff Wiebe
Agent Address : Box 278, Alton, MB, Cell: 204-324-8643
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