My Piggery Manager - Farm App

My Piggery Manager - Farm App

Developed by: Bivatec Ltd
Countries: Canada,US
Languages: English


This app is a perfect solution for pig management. Specially designed for pig farmers this application allows the farmers to register every pig on their farm along with the animal’s feed usage, it also helps to track income and expenses on the farm. Farmers can also record and track vaccinations, weaning, treatments, linking piglets to dams and sires, etc. Farmers can record pig breeds on the farm to get a handy report on how many pigs of each breed are registered on farm. Different reports such as pigs report, events report, transactions report and feed inventory report can be generated to get firsthand information about the farming operation. The app does not require internet access and also has a web version for central data management, reports, assigning permissions and roles.
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