Planter Plus

Planter Plus

Developed by: John Deere
Countries: US
Languages: English


PlanterPlus™ is the updated and newest version of GoPlant app offered by John Deere. Incorporating the information from GoPlant to setup your planter, it has the capability to do a Row Runoff and Meter Performance tests from your phone to facilitate settings on your row unit. It is compatible with ExactEmerge, 1775NT, 1725, DB44, DB60, DB66, DB80, DB88 DB90, and DB120 Planters complimenting the user manual to suggest initial settings for both the machine and the display and helping you connect the planter to your tractor. You can now control your tests and view real time planter statistics. It can also control the vaccum levels from your phone if the planter has vaccum automation.
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