Plantwise Factsheets Library

Plantwise Factsheets Library

Developed by: CABI
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English


The Plantwise Factsheets Library app is a great resource for looking up crop problems that occur on your farm. Factsheets are available to download for different countries, and can be used at any time without internet connection. The app describes how to recognize the problem, information on the problem, and detailed explanations regarding management methods. There are images provided to help in the identification of the specific problem. These Factsheets are reviewed by farmers located in the country that the Factsheet is relevant to in order to ensure the material covered is practical and useful. The recommendations are also looked over by technical reviews to ensure they are safe to use. Plantwise Factsheets Library is part of the knowledge bank at Plantwise. This app is free to download and is available for iOS operating systems.
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