AGI Grow

AGI Grow

Developed by: AGI Grow
Countries: US
Languages: English


AGI GROW is a comprehensive farming tool that helps you manage your crops, optimize your storage and maximize your profit. The app is available for free. - Fields: Set up custom field configurations by drawing them on the aerial map of your farm, then add your crops to track activities and tasks. - Activities: Log tasks including planting, fertilizing, tilling, spraying, irrigation, scouting, harvesting, storage, yield, delivery. - Storage: Monitor your storage amounts and status to plan for harvest. - Contracts: Input your contracts to monitor their status and automatically calculate revenue. See how you're tracking on delivery and completion. - Dashboard: Quickly see what’s on your fields, in your bins, and delivered on contract. View crop status, expected yield, contracts and surplus grains, and your revenue at a glance. - Planning: Use data you've collected to organize your seasons and plan your future crop strategies. - Collaboration: Easily share any activity or field information with your team, consultants, agronomists.
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