Viterra Continues Hunger Fight with Foodgrains Bank for Ninth Year

Apr 30, 2024

By Denise-Faguy

Viterra, a leader in the agricultural sector, has partnered with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank for the ninth year, continuing their commitment to tackle global hunger. This year, Viterra has dedicated 267 acres of land around its Alberta and Saskatchewan terminals for crop cultivation.  

These lands, located near terminals in Lethbridge, Trochu, Balgonie, Grenfell, and Raymore, are part of a community-led initiative where local farmers grow crops voluntarily. The proceeds from these crops are then donated to help feed the hungry across the globe. 

Andy Harrington, executive director of the Foodgrains Bank, emphasized the importance of such initiatives at a time when 783 million people worldwide suffer from hunger, with acute crises in regions like Sudan. He expressed gratitude towards Viterra for their ongoing support and pivotal role in these efforts. 

Viterra's CEO, Kyle Jeworski, highlighted the dedicated efforts of their employees and the participating farmers whose contributions are crucial to the project's success. He reaffirmed Viterra’s commitment to fighting food insecurity, particularly in areas severely affected by conflict and natural disasters. 

The collaboration not only involves growing and donating crops but also includes a financial aspect where Viterra donates $5 for every tonne of crop processed through their Western Canadian grain elevators.  

This fund further supports the Foodgrains Bank in implementing food security projects. These projects range from immediate humanitarian response to long-term developmental initiatives that enhance agricultural practices and resilience among vulnerable communities. 

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank, supported by 15 church organizations and the Government of Canada, works globally to alleviate hunger. In the last budget year, they provided substantial aid, supporting over a million people in 36 countries through various programs aimed at reducing hunger. 

As global challenges such as climate change, economic instability, and conflicts exacerbate food crises, partnerships like the one between Viterra and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank play a vital role in providing sustainable solutions to combat hunger effectively.  

Together, they leverage agriculture to create pathways out of food insecurity, demonstrating the power of collaboration in tackling global issues. 

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