USGC welcomes tech innovator solentra

Feb 29, 2024


The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) has welcomed Solentra, a Cultura company, into its membership fold. This addition heralds a new era for agribusinesses, with Solentra set to provide unparalleled tech support and solutions. 

As a leading agri-food technology firm, Solentra specializes in delivering comprehensive software solutions tailored to the unique needs of agribusiness enterprises. From ERP and commodity accounting to origination, processing, and distribution, Solentra offers a wide range of services designed to optimize efficiency and productivity across the agricultural supply chain. 

This collaboration is expected to empower agribusinesses globally, enabling them to tackle the challenges of feeding and fueling the world with greater efficacy. Solentra's expertise in software solutions will complement the USGC's efforts in promoting the agricultural sector, enhancing both operational capabilities and sustainability. 

By joining the USGC, Solentra is poised to make significant contributions to the agricultural industry, utilizing its technology-driven approach to solve complex challenges in the supply chain. This partnership underscores the growing importance of technology in agriculture, promising to deliver innovative solutions that can help achieve a more secure and sustainable food supply for the global population. 

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