USDA boosts rural economy with fertilizer investments

May 24, 2024


The administration's investment of $83 million in domestic fertilizer projects aims to bolster rural economies and support American farmers. Through initiatives like the Fertilizer Production Expansion Program (FPEP), independent businesses in 12 states will receive grants to modernize equipment, adopt new technologies, and expand production capacity.

These investments will enhance domestic fertilizer production, reduce costs for farmers, and promote competition in agricultural markets. Projects like a food waste upcycling facility in California and a manufacturing facility in Florida will provide essential resources for farmers across multiple states.

Since its inception, FPEP has invested $251 million in 57 projects nationwide, addressing challenges like rising fertilizer prices and supply chain disruptions. By strengthening supply chains and supporting sustainable agriculture practices, these investments contribute to long-term economic growth and resilience in rural America.

The administration remains committed to supporting farmers, promoting fair competition, and addressing the needs of rural communities. Through initiatives like FPEP, it aims to create jobs, stimulate economic development, and ensure a prosperous future for American agriculture.

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