USask Introduces New Chair in Regenerative Agriculture

Jul 09, 2024

Dr. Kate Congreves Leads New Sustainable Farming Research 


The University of Saskatchewan (USask) has taken a significant step towards advancing sustainable agriculture by establishing the Jarislowsky and BMO Chair in Regenerative Agriculture.  

Dr. Kate Congreves, an esteemed researcher in the field, has been appointed to lead this initiative, promising to elevate Canada's farming practices to new heights. 

This new chair is supported by a robust $4 million endowment contributed by the Jarislowsky Foundation, BMO, and the USask Greystone Heritage Trust.  

This funding is set to expand USask's research capabilities significantly in the sphere of regenerative agriculture—a practice that focuses on enhancing soil health, increasing biodiversity, and reducing the negative impacts of traditional farming. 

Dr. Angela Bedard-Haughn, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Bioresources at USask, expressed enthusiasm about the appointment. She highlighted that Dr. Congreves will play a crucial role in developing sustainable farming practices that are not only environmentally friendly but also economically viable.  

Dr. Congreves' efforts will include identifying and evaluating best practices in regenerative agriculture, enhancing teaching and mentoring for students, and fostering a deeper understanding of sustainable nitrogen management. 

The research under Dr. Congreves will focus on the intricacies of nitrogen cycling in agricultural systems—an area critical to both crop production and environmental sustainability.  

Her work aims to tighten the nitrogen cycle, thereby enhancing soil management and reducing dependency on synthetic fertilizers, which are a major concern for both ecosystem health and food production sustainability. 

Stephen Jarislowsky of the Jarislowsky Foundation and Allison Hakomaki from BMO both reiterated their organizations' commitment to supporting initiatives that promote sustainable practices.  

They acknowledged the importance of Dr. Congreves' research in driving forward Canada's agricultural sector and its alignment with global sustainability goals. 

The creation of this chair not only positions USask as a leader in agricultural research but also as a critical player in the global movement towards more sustainable agricultural practices.  

By integrating advanced research with practical applications, USask aims to foster a new era of farming that respects and revitalizes the land it depends on. 

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