U.S. farmers use social media to show support for NAFTA

U.S. farmers use social media to show support for NAFTA
Dec 08, 2017

Social media users sent more than 2,000 tweets with the hashtag #Farmers4NAFTA yesterday

By Diego Flammini
News Reporter

Members of the American farm community used social media on Wednesday to show their support for NAFTA and to urge national negotiators not to pull out of the tri-national deal with Canada and Mexico.

Farmers and agricultural groups posted about 2,200 messages to Twitter with the hashtag #Farmers4NAFTA, according to TrendsMap.com, a service that tracks social media hashtag popularity.

With the next round of NAFTA renegotiations scheduled for January and a lack of progress at the negotiating table, producers want President Trump to understand how good NAFTA has been for agriculture.

““Farmers and ranchers from all sectors are sending a powerful message to the President about the importance of remaining in NAFTA,” Kevin Skunes, president of the National Corn Growers Association, said in a statement yesterday.  “America’s corn growers stand with the Administration as it negotiates an improved trade agreement, but it must ensure that these vital markets remain open to U.S. agricultural exports.”

Below is a collection of tweets from the ag community using the hashtag #Farmers4NAFTA.

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