Toro - 60V Batteries and Chainsaw

Toro - 60V Batteries and Chainsaw
Oct 04, 2023

Cleaning out those last few bits of grain in the bin, can be challenging, but using the 60V Max 12” Power Shovel could be a game changer

Braxten Breen Intern

Every farmer we know has a collection of chainsaws, nothing new about that. But what we thought was cool about this Toro 16” Brushless Chainsaw was its battery system.

The battery that powers the chainsaw also powers a number of electric lawn care tool system items.

Dan Diehl, a representative of The Toro Company gives us a rundown of Toro’s 60V Batteries along with their Brushless Chainsaw in the video below.

Dan explains whether it’s a 10-amp, 7-amp, or even a 2-amp battery, all the batteries will fit all 75+ tools that Toro carries. According to Toro, they are the only company to offer this.

Inside the future proof design, Toro has a “3P” battery stack design. The great thing about this design is that it gives 3 times the power, giving the ability to push your tools stronger for longer, achieving the highest max performance on your farm.

The batteries are built with RunSmart onboard intel, meaning this intel enhances power output and protection. Giving each tool the Flex-Force line results in better performance, more hours, and an overall longer lifespan.

With Toro’s 16” Brushless Chainsaw, your days of pulling cords are over, with an electric starter you can quickly hit it and go.

No need to oil your chain, as this chainsaw is equipped with automatic chain oiler and a view-thru oil tank, so there’s needed to worry about regular maintenance. As we understand farmers have enough to worry about during day-to-day life.

So, if you are looking to invest in some electric lawn care tools for your farm, The Toro Company is the way to go as their batteries are consistent throughout all pieces of equipment.

Watch the video below to see how these batteries work great in the 16” Brushless Chainsaw.

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