Tool Holsters are great on the farm

Tool Holsters are great on the farm
Sep 08, 2023

By Braxten Breen Cool Tools Intern

Staying organized is key to time management on a farm. It’s a great feeling when you are organized and all the chores that were planned for the day are complete.

Spider Tool Holster has a handful of tools that can make a farmer’s day-to-day life on the farm one step easier.

First is the Tool Dock which is convenient for the most frequently used tools. The self-tapping screws allow the farmer to easily mount the dock on a tool board, work bench or even a toolbox. Farmers will be able to grab the tool on the go with ease, and put away the tool without any problems, resulting in a clean organized tool environment, ready for the tool’s next use.

Farmers can say goodbye to cable management issues with Elastic Cable Straps, which also allow farmers to go hands-free while transporting cables around the farm. The elastic rubber in the straps allows you to quickly stretch the straps around the cables and lock it in place. Keeping the loops in the cables nice and tight, dissolving the issue of the loops falling apart constantly.

Everyone loves a handy Key Fob. Being farmers, they have piles on piles of never-ending keys from barns to machinery, to sheds, trucks, to their home etc. The Key Fob dangles from the belt, creating a secure feeling of the farmer’s keys. Spider’s Key Fob also has three built-in driver bit slots for extra convenience.

Those are just three of many products that Spider Tool Holster has covered in the video below with Jarrod and Shai demonstrating several products they carry that are handy on the farm.

Watch the video on How to stay organized on the Farm as you are making repairs

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