Steak If You Please: New Steak Cut Awaits Patent Approval

Jun 22, 2012

The Vegas Strip is introduced as the latest and greatest steak cut

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Just when you thought you knew all of your favorite steak cuts researchers at Oklahoma State University have figured out how to carve a new steak, what they are calling the Vegas Strip. This is a unique innovation, because this new steak cut normally comes from part of a cow that is used for hamburger. Not only is this discovery appetizing, but it adds value to the carcass. But here is where it gets interesting; researchers have filed for a patent seeking to protect the technique of extracting the steak from the carcass. This is unique because researchers are attempting to paten a food product based on a technique. The Vegas Strip has been described as comparable to New York Steak Strip, with a natural tenderness and visual appeal.

But is this the real deal? Critics warn that the Vegas Strip might just be a PR move to increase profits off of a beef carcass. The move could be signalling a trend in the industry where one rebrands and names a cut of steak for more appeal. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has done just that with the Denver steak. If the New York Steak piques your interest, there are currently three approved suppliers in the U.S. found on the product website. Time will tell if the bigger question of patenting food products will conjure up ethical questions by some consumers.

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