Searching for swine advocates

Searching for swine advocates
Jun 19, 2018

Pork Checkoff looks for young pig farmers to share their stories on social media

By Kaitlynn Anderson
Staff Writer

American youth have a unique opportunity to advocate for the country’s pig farmers.

Individuals between the ages of 18 and 23 can now submit applications to be on the Pork Checkoff’s #RealPigFarming student social forces team.

Through this initiative, students will discuss modern pork production on such social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a release stated last week.

The organization will select 10 to 12 people to promote the industry between July and December this year, Cindy Cunningham, assistant vice-president of communications for the National Pork Board, told today.

Applicants must be pursuing an undergraduate degree and be involved in the pork industry, she said. They should also have strong communication skills.

Successful candidates could benefit from the opportunity in many ways.

For example, they can share their own stories and network with other advocates, Cunningham said.

“This is a great opportunity (for students) to begin to share their passion and it may lead to a career in” the pork sector, she said.

In addition to growing their professional connections, youth on the social forces team could receive a $500 scholarship.

Members of the organization look forward to meeting the third class of advocates.

“We are excited to work with these college students (and see them) share their passions,” Cunningham said. “They have a fresh perspective and the pork industry is excited to harness that energy.”

Individuals can click here to apply for this opportunity until June 28. 



National Pork Board/Pork Checkoff photo

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