Rural renewables rise - $144M boost from Administrative clean energy plan

Feb 29, 2024


The administration announced a $144 million initiative to fund clean energy projects across numerous farms. Unveiled by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, this initiative seeks to lower operational costs and increase income for small to medium-sized farms through the adoption of renewable energy technologies. 

Leveraging the Inflation Reduction Act, the investment aims to broaden the Rural Energy for America Program, encouraging the use of wind, solar, and other underutilized energy sources. This initiative represents a significant step towards environmental sustainability and aims to strengthen the economic fabric of rural communities. 

The program, which may extend its benefits to over 400 farms, is designed to offer both grants and loan guarantees. It underscores the importance of accessible, distributed renewable energy technologies in achieving long-term economic and environmental goals. 

Secretary Vilsack emphasized the partnership with the Department of Energy as a critical element of the RAISE initiative, ensuring that farmers and rural communities can harness the benefits of clean energy. The initiative is poised to have a lasting impact, promoting energy independence and sustainable growth across rural America. 

By focusing on underutilized technologies and providing the necessary financial support, the administration is paving the way for a greener, more sustainable agricultural sector. This strategic investment in rural clean energy marks a significant advancement in the nation's journey towards a more sustainable and economically resilient rural landscape.

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