Revolutionizing soil sampling - introducing the AFS

Revolutionizing soil sampling - introducing the AFS
Apr 02, 2024

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A Hydraulic Marvel: The Auto-Field Sampler Simplifies Soil Collection

Denise Faguy,

As many farmers would agree, soil sampling is an important aspect of modern-day farming. AMS, Inc., a family-owned company since 1942, now in its 4th generation, introduces the Auto-Field Sampler (AFS), a cutting-edge solution designed to modernize the agricultural industry's soil sampling process.  

The AFS, a hydraulic-driven soil core sampling machine, retrieves a 7/8-inch diameter soil core from depths of 0 to 12 inches within a mere 5.5 seconds. This performance may vary depending on the current soil conditions.

The development of the AFS focused on simplicity and user-friendliness, requiring minimal operational knowledge to get started. This is a significant step forward compared to traditional manual soil sampling techniques. 

The AFS not only covers more acreage in less time but also drastically reduces the physical strain on the user, a common complaint with manual sampling.

Operating the AFS is simple.  From the comfort of your carrier vehicle's seat, using a simple control switch, you can drive the soil probe into the ground and retrieve it, all with the push of a button.  

Upon retrieval, the soil core is automatically deposited into a collection container designed for a composite sample. 

This container can hold between six to ten samples before reaching capacity. When full, the contents can be easily emptied into boxes or bags for further analysis. The container can then be reinserted into the AFS, ready for continued sampling.The AFS allows for the adjustment of sampling depths as required.

The Auto-Field Sampler (AFS) from AMS, Inc. is a cool tool because it represents a significant advancement in agricultural soil sampling technology. By making soil sample collection faster, easier, and more efficient, the AFS is set to become an indispensable tool for modern agriculture.

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